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This post was originally written for The Truth Series and now is being dedicated to those of you who suffer from Google Translations.

This is the view of someone who was an insider and now is an astronaut. Advertising and Digital agencies in Brazil don't earn from ideas, they profit from buying media. The creative pieces come as if packed in a Happy Meal.

However there’s a shift going on. Simple ads are losing their power. Agencies are putting effort to create interesting contents. But when advertising talks about content, it should ensure entertainment. Otherwise... otherwise nothing. People will just ignore it.

Content + Entertainment
can be done in many ways. One can make a bet in sports, as Red Bull does. The ones not into gambling can convey the message in a more orchestrated way: storytelling.

Stories can tell anything just by showing it, in a very emotional way. Storytelling can create struggles and counterpoints to explore each corner of a message making it much more edible, even delicious.

There's only one problem towards storytelling: it requires a lot of craft, including a rare know-how and the development time of a pregnancy. The author have to see the story by its most appealing angle along with the skills to tell it in the most seductive way.

The other side of the coin about storytelling is that it competes against other stories. In this scenario, agencies who crave prizes will go to Cannes Festival, but won't be looking for lions.

The Sphinx’s question
'How the agencies can be deep in storytelling when working along corporate deadlines?' After all, even a book takes over a year from the idea to the shelves. A movie can take up to three.

My guess: brands will have their storytelling specialists to gather inside stories while agencies will grow their own fictional universe. All agencies will become a Marvel or a Pixar of sorts. Thus agencies will lend their characters to make the brands’ stories shine brighter: as bright as a Palme d’or.


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